DAM- ​Dreahook F Evora

        Cary On Acres Mia Rose       

                                    DOB 4/10/13        -REFERENCE


Sire -- MCH Mighty Munchkins P Vivace

(MCH Gay-Mor's gNat's Winged Pegasus  X  Pocket Sized MN RhythmNBlues)

Dam -- Pocket Sized WT Ynot Sugarbaby

( Pocket Sized BT Witchita * S  X  MCH Pocket Sized MN TootsieRoll * D E )


                             2013 Show season

6/2/13 - Mini Mania - 2x 1st place( ADGA)

3/3/13 - Stars & Stripes -1x  1st place

8/24/13 - Final Fling -1x  2nd place  ( ADGA)
8/31/13- Summers Spectacular Departure- 1st place and Reserve Grand Champion. ( ADGA)

                             2014 Show Season

6/29/14 - Stars & Stripes - Grand Champion & Best In Show

8/23/14 - Final Fling - 1st place & Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe (ADGA)
9/6/14 - Summer Spectacular Departure - 1st place and Grand Champion ( ADGA)


SIRE - Piddlin Acres BJ Jayfeather

( Castle Rock Blue Jay +*B   X   SGCH/MCH Piddlin Acres WB Paprika )

DAM - CH Piddlin Acres V Jamboree

(Piddlin Acres WB Viagra ++B   X   SGCH Piddlin Acres  Feeltherythym  1 *M 91EEEE )



                   Cary On Acres N Crystal Blue

                             DOB - 3/27/17

​Cary On Acres Mia Rose X Cary On Acres MIS Navajo

SIRE- Dreamers Farm RM Gold Rush 

Paternal Grandam- TX Twincreeks MS Ladies Maid



​DD - SGCH Piddlin Acres PV FeelTheRythym 1*M

Cary On Acres MIS Snow Queen

SIRE - Piddlin Acres BJ Jayfeather

            Dreahook F Evora

                  DOB - 4-24-12                                    

SIRE -TX Twincreeks G Frankincense *B                                                        ( Piddlin Acres BD Ginseng *B  X  TX Twincreeks Ladies Maid  2*M)

DAM - MCH TX Twincreeks WDF Wanna Dance?

( GCH Pecan Hollow Willy's Dance Fever *B  91EEE  X  MCH HBF LS Darlin Clementine *D  90 EEE)                                                      

                             2014 Show Season

6/29/14- Stars & Stripes - Reserve Champion

8/21/14 - 4-H State Show - 1st place

8/23/14 - Final Fling 2nd place  ( ADGA)

9/6/14 - Summer Spectacular Departure - 1x 1st place , 1x  2nd place ( ADGA)

Thank you Kathy Plutnick of Dreahook Farms for allowing us to add this beautiful doe to our herd.

                           Cary On Acres N Blue Snowflake

                                          DOB - 3/27/17

​Cary On Acres Mia Rose X Cary On Acres MIS Navajo


                    2015 Show Season

8/29/15 - August's End - 1x First place -  1x Reserve Champion (ADGA)  ( 5 months old)

                    2016 Show Season

6/4/16 - Mini Mania - 1X First place &  Grand Champion Jr. Doe

7/5/16 - ADGA National Show    17th place out of 39

SIRE- ​TX Twincreeks MIS Make It Snow *B

DAM- MCH Twincreeks WDF Wanna Dance?.

​DAM- Cary On Acres Mia Rose

​DAM- Dreahook F Evora

​SIRE - TX Twincreeks G Frankinsence *B


            Cary On Acres

Nigerian dwarf goats

TX Twincreeks F Feather

Paternal Dam- ​SGCH/MCH Piddlin Acres WB Paprika

SIRE - ​Pocket sized ZN Dusty Miller

   ​DOB - 4/29/18

                             2015 Show Season

​6/6/15 - Mini Mania - Jr. Grand Champion (ADGA) (6 Months Old)

8/29/15 - August's End - 2x first place  (ADGA)


      Cary On Acres GR Tigers Eye

              DOB - 5/15/19

SIRE - Dreamers Farm K Gold Rush

Dam- Cary On Acres S Pandora


​DSD - MCH/GCH Piddlin Acres WB Picachu 1*m

​  Cary On Acres DM Maggie May

                DOB -  3-18-15

Sire-  Pocket Sized ZN Dusty Miller

(Pocket Sized VF Zolton*S  X  MCH/CH Mighty Munchkins P Viola)

Dam- Cary On Acres Mia Rose

(Mighty Munchkins P Vivace X Pocket Sized WT YNot Sugarbaby)


.                                                        ​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


​Photo's courtesy of Teri Stanton, Pocket Sized Goats.

DAM- Cary On Acres S Pandora

​SSD - CH-MCH-PGCH Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven VEEE90

​Paternal Sire - Castle Rock Blue Jay+*B


        TX Twincreeks F Feather

                               DOB - 12-11-14  

​DS - ​Piddlin Acres WB Viagra ++B 

​Paternal Dam- Pocket sized WT YNot Sugarbaby


Cary On Acres GR Hershey's Kis

DAM- ​CH Piddlin Acrese V Jamboree

Paternal Dam - CH/MCH Mighty Munchkins P Viola

First Freshening Udder

​DOB - 5/7/18

​   ​​​.             Cary On Acres S Pandora

                      DOB  5/15/14

Sire -- CH Cary On Acres Spartacus

( MCH Mighty Munchkins P Vivace X Pocket Sized WT YNot Sugarbaby)

Dam -- Dreahook F Evora

( TX Twincreeks G Frankinsence +B   X  Twincreeks WDF Wanna Dance? )


                             2014 Show Season

 8/21/14-- 4-H State Show- 2nd place
8/23/14 - Final Fling - 3rd. Place (ADGA)

9/6/14 - Summer Spectacular Departure - 2X 1st. Place (ADGA)


                            2015 Show Season

6/6/15 - Mini Mania - Reserve Champion (ADGA)

8/29/15 - August's End - 1x first place-  Jr. Grand Champion  (ADGA)