DOB -  12-9-14

SIRE - TX Twincreeks RM Make My Day *B

(Castle Rock Rainmaker  X  MCH/GCH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina 5*D 2*M) ADGA LA FS92 EEEE

DAM - GCH TX Twincreeks SEM Snowbird 2*M  VEEE 90

( Lost Valley TB Seminole *S *B  X  MCH/GCH Pecan Hollow C Rockin Robin 1*M 4*D

​  Thank You Kellye Bussey for allowing us to add this beautiful buck to our herd.


​DSD - MCH Lost Valley Subdancer 1*M 2*D

( Reference )

Photos courtesy of Kellye Bussey TX Twincreeks Farm & Darla Faye of Darla Faye's Mini-Farm

               DAM - ​​SGCH TX Twincreeks SEM Snowbird 2 *M  ​90VEEE                                                                      

Sire --MCH Mighty Munchkins P Vivace

(MCH Gay-Mor's gNat's Winged Pegasus E   X   Pocket Sized RhythmNBlues                                                    

Dam--Pocket Sized WT Ynot Sugarbaby

(Pocket Sized BT Witchita*S  X  MCH Pocket Sized MN TootsieRoll*D )  

DOB- 4/10/13    

SS- ​Castle Rock Rain Maker ++*B

CH Cary On Acres Spartacus




Nigerian dwarf goats

(​Reference )

TX Twincreeks MMD Make It Snow *​B

                          DOB- 12/9/14 -       reference


SIRE - TX Twincreeks RM Make My Day *B

            Cary On Acres

​SSD- ​SGCH Algedi Farms H Purple Rain 4*M

SD- MCH/GCH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina 2*M   92 EEEE

DD - MCH/SGCH Pecan Hollow C Rockin Robin 1*M


TX Twincreeks F Feather  X  TX Twincreeks MIS Make It Snow +B

DOB- 5/30/16

​blue eyes

​DS - Lost Valley TB Seminole +*B

                                   Cary On Acres MIS Scout                        ​                                                     


                       2015 Show Season

6/6/15 - Mini Mania - 2x 1st place - 2 X Jr. Grand Champion ( ADGA)

8/29/15 - 3x First Place   -  3x Jr. Grand Champion

                        2016 Show Season

6/4/16 Mini Mania - 1X First Place & 1x 2nd place

​Reserve Champion 

                                             Dreamer's Farm K Gold Rush

                                       DOB - 5/2/17 - blue eyes - moonspots

            ( Kaco Yellow Rose Moon Rockit X Praire Wood JB Marshmallow)

Cary On Acres MIS Navajo

                     DOB - 5/30/16

                               blue eyes

TX Twincreeks F Feather X TX Twincreeks MIS Make It Snow *B

                            2018  SHOW RESULTS

 Summer Sizzler - 8/18/18 - Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion